please always
look at me 
the way you did last night
like nothing else matters,
and everything falls away
just us – 
you with those eyes
and me
not quite sure 
how this abundant grace and goodness
was always out there
for the taking
and now
belongs to us.

tears without warning,
tiny reminders
that this isn’t a dream.

and i think you know,
that your heart feels it
just as much as mine
because there are never any words
oceans of love and understanding
full of silent thank yous
with every breath
and doubtless knowing
(the kind that settles in your soul)
that this
is what we were created for
and everything else
just her perfect preparation
for the moment 
that door opened
and everything made sense

i almost wish everybody else
could see
the way you look at me
when it’s just us,
let them glimpse the magic
of loving and being loved
so perfectly,
more than i thought i deserved
worth every hard day
and broken relationship…

i’d do it all over again
for one more look.

xoxo, k


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