a taste of spring

After a particularly cold winter, followed by what seemed like at least 40 days and nights of rain, we finally got a little taste of Spring last weekend. The sun came out, daffodils bloomed, birds sang, and we opened the windows and all collectively exhaled. I’m not sure any of us realized it…that we’d been holding our breath for months…until we took that first breath. It was magic. We all felt it. Our steps were lighter, our smiles bigger, our laughter more genuine.

The metaphor of seasons changing is not lost on me in the midst of this love story. The door opened almost a year ago, just as Spring started to warm us all from the cold, frozen winter. Our story began unfolding alongside the season’s new blooms, which seems both incredibly cheesy and impossibly perfect.

Summer arrived just as the move happened, full of warmth and sun. Those first couple of months are kind of a haze…days spent poolside, borderline desperate for a break in the heat, all ten of us figuring out how we would become a family. The days were long (some of the harder ones felt like they would never end), but that time of being home, without school and jobs, was a real gift and every sunny day reminded us that it was worth it.

In a lot of ways, summer felt like living in a bubble. We kept our kids close, our focus on helping them navigate the changes and trying to protect them from the fallout that would come. Sure enough, just as the trees started shedding their leaves, some of our friends and family fell away one by one. It was hard…harder than either of us thought it would be. And when it was over, we both felt a little exposed and raw, just in time for the freeze.

Winter came, and it was hard; temperatures that made everybody want to hibernate, the first year of new holiday traditions, and all of us desperate to feel less exposed. We filled the frigid days with people who love us, tried to create opportunities for our kids to feel a little warmth, but mostly just put one foot in front of another and trudged through.

And here we are, Spring in sight with her new blooms and smiles and warmth, thawing out the deep freeze and telling us all we can breathe again…

We made it, Babe. Here’s to Spring and sunshine and blossoming.

xoxo, k

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