birthday month recap

Yesterday was the last day of my birthday month, and it did not disappoint. What began as an offhand comment about how much I love my birthday (well, everybody’s birthday, really) turned into a 28-day celebration. I was pretty good about posting at the beginning of the month, but missed a few days at the end. I figured I’d do a recap of all the days and all the ways she celebrated me.

Day 1 – love notes on the mirror

Day 2 – live jazz and late-night Waffle House

Day 3 – breakfast in bed and pool at a little bar on campus

Day 4 – champagne brunch and a bag full of makeup goodies.

Day 5 – breakfast in bed (again!) and a trip to the Social Security Office to reclaim my maiden name

Day 6 – kid free trip to Cincinnati and a surprise party with our people (and all the dancing)

Day 7 – movie night with rosé and leftover birthday cake

Day 8 – licorice, two for one margaritas, and a kid free trip to the mall

Day 9 – steak dinner…IN BED

Day 10 – tickets to see Chicago and REO Speedwagon this summer and a night out to see our friend Beth Burden do her thing

Day 11 – puppies and pints, brunch, and a cute little alley photo shoot

Day 12 – candlelit bubble bath

Day 13 – a run with the best wife, followed by ice cream (balance!)

Day 14 – celebrating Valentine’s Day with our kiddos, complete with a heart-shaped meatloaf “cake”

Day 15 – we sat in bed and made a wedding album together

Day 16 – drinks and dancing and karaoke with some of the best friends a girl could ask for


Day 17 – coffee with friends in the morning and sea salt chocolate covered blood oranges at night

Day 18 – “Friends” trivia

Day 19 – hers and hers new phones

Day 20 – quick trip downtown to see some art, including a Kehinde Wiley

Day 21 – summer vacation planning (this is not an easy or inexpensive task with 8 kids in tow!)

Day 22 – National Margarita Day and we celebrated accordingly

Day 23 – overnight at 21C Hotel and dinner at the cutest little French restaurant

Day 24 – sleeping in and brunch out before heading home

Day 25 – shopping day for some office furniture and decorative pillows for our bed (god, I love a good decorative pillow!)


Day 26 – “Obama: An Intimate Portrait”

Day 27 – Kentucky t-shirt

Day 28 – the best pajama pants ever (seriously) and the most delicious dinner, scratch-made by the most amazing wife

Thank you doesn’t even come close to adequately expressing how much I loved my birthday month. But even more than I loved February this year, I love love LOVE this life and this woman. (Y’all…this is what love looks like. Pleasepleaseplease don’t settle for less than this.)

 xoxo, k

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