that time we got engaged


Y’all. She has asked me to marry her hundreds of times. Hundreds. The first time was in her closet when I was visiting Texas (I know…so many jokes). Then on the beach in Washington.

And then again in Texas, this time in Sundance Square by a little jazz club we’d visited together; she arranged music (her friend playing Perfect) and an actual photographer. We danced. She asked. I said, “Yes.” We had popsicles. (There was also a homeless man wearing a Jesus shirt, but that’s a story for another day.)

After that, which we refer to as the “real” one, she asked me with the help of all of our kids.

And then later with a book of love songs for the piano. And still, at least three times a week, she looks at me with those eyes and says, “Marry me?” And I’ll never get tired of it, of telling her yes forever and ever.


So I asked her to do this forever. To go to sleep and wake up together forever. To help me take care of all these babies, and share all the hard and good things forever. To give me all her tears, and gosh those sunshine smiles forever. To take care of each other’s hearts, and let ourselves be taken care of forever. To listen to all the stories, and share in all the crazy and the joy and the grace forever. To let this Love be enough and trust me forever. To see how God’s worked all this out since forever. And she said yes. She said yes.

And I’ll keep asking her forever and hoping she keeps saying yes forever. I can’t imagine not getting to love her for the rest of time and even that seems like not long enough.

Kara Kara Kara Kara Kara. Thank you. I love you I love you I love you.

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